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The Ultimate League Poker Series

The World League Poker Championships will bring TONS of players from the largest poker leagues around the world including the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.


This isn't just one single tournament: it's the ultimate 5-day league poker series with parties every night, including our themed party (details TBA).


You will not want to miss out on this awesome experience!

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The Experience

This is an experience you won't find ANYWHERE else. You aren't coming for just one event. This is a series of cash tournaments and parties with fellow league poker players.


Plus, the winner of the 2021 World League Poker Championship MAIN EVENT will not only take home the big cash 1st Place prize and the WLPC Trophy, but they will be enshrined in the World Tavern Poker Hall of Fame just like past Champions!


We've said it before and we'll say it again - this is an experience you will never forget. Play poker and party in Las Vegas and win tons of cash with your league poker friends. No matter what happens, you can't lose!

WLPC Champion
WLPC Champion 2016
WLPC Champion 2015
WLPC Champion 2014
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The Poker

Tons of amazing events will take place, with cash, Major Event tournament seats, and plenty of bragging rights on the line. Whether it's the WLPC Main Event, the World Tavern Poker National Championships & National TOC with huge prizes and WSOP seats on the line, or the big cash prizes in our featured events, there's plenty of opportunities to win big in Vegas!


Cash tournaments are open to participating League players with an Access Pass. League-specific Championship events are open to the qualified players from that league.


This is the event you have been waiting for! Hundreds of league poker players will take place in this epic event. William McGrotty, Jacob Miller, Chris Nunes, Kim Mercer, Allison Leivers, and Tyrone Smith have become World Champions - will you be next?



This one is all about you - the players! Enjoy a deeper starting chip stack to give you room to play against your fellow league poker players. Always a favorite!


The World League Poker Championships will feature nearly 30 events! It's the biggest poker party of the year! Check out the schedule below for all details.

Full schedule is subject to change.

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Play and Party in Sin City!

Every day and every night of the World League Poker Championships is a party! But the MAIN THEMED PARTY will feature performances and entertainment that you soon will not forget!


Party ticket holders will enjoy a free buffet (must have a Party ticket to enter), cash bar, and plenty of top-notch entertainment.



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Nothing gives you the full experience of the World League Poker Championships like staying on site! 


In years past, several players tried to save a few bucks by staying at a cheaper hotel. But what they spent in cab/Uber fare and travel time (plus missing out on so much of the event) just didn't add up. Stay on site!

>> Don't miss a minute of the action

>> Easy Access to Poker Room and Casino
>> The ultimate convenience!


The Orleans Casino Las Vegas
Casino at The Orleans Las Vegas

Book Your Room at The Orleans

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VIP Package

The ultimate WLPC package! Buy a VIP Package and you'll have everything you need, including:


5/6-night stay at The Orleans

(includes hotel tax & resort fees!)

2 VIP Access Passes

2 Moonshiner's Upgrades

Full Party Access

2 Event T-shirts & 2 Medallions

Event Guide & Schedule

2 Passes w/Lanyards

Access to Cash Events


+local sales tax where applicable

Check-in Sat 11/6, Check-out Thu 11/11

Poker Access Pass

Gain access to over a dozen cash tournaments during the WLPC, including the WLPC Main Event!


Event T-shirt

Event Card Protector

Event Guide & Schedule

Pass w/Lanyard

Access to Cash Events

Only $79

+$6 processing

Party & Poker Access Pass

Enjoy all the poker action AND join us for awesome parties all week long!


Event T-shirt

Event Card Protector

Event Guide & Schedule

Pass w/Lanyard

Access to Cash Events


FULL PARTY ACCESS (nightly events, entertainment w/food, cash bar, prizes, and a ton of fun!)

Only $119

+$6 processing

Check-in Fri 11/5, Check-out Thu 11/11

SPECIAL NOTICE: THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! Transfers on purchased items can be made, but NO refunds will be permissible.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: Commemorative T-Shirts and Medallions are only guaranteed to those who purchase Access Passes BEFORE arriving at the WLPC. Those purchasing Access Passes at the WLPC may be able to pick up commemorative T-Shirts and Medallions on Tuesday, Nov 9th as supplies last (first-come, first-served basis).


**PLEASE NOTE: Moonshiner's Upgrade is Only Valid with Access Pass. This is an optional upgrade for the Poker Only and Party & Poker Access Pass - it is NOT a standalone item!


Most of the tournaments in the World League Poker Championships will be held in a HUGE Ballroom at The Orleans. Because this is not traditional gaming space, a cash bar will be available (free drinks while you play usually applies to the Poker Room and Casino Floor).

However, we've negotiated to bring the MOONSHINER'S UPGRADE back for the WLPC! This means for $20, you can enjoy FREE DRINKS (but don't forget to tip the waitstaff!) while playing in our events in the Ballroom.

Moonshiner's Upgrades will also be available to purchase for Access Pass holders at The Orleans.

Ballroom at The Orleans Casino Las Vegas
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The Schedule

The 2021 World League Poker Championships will take place over 5 days this November 6-10, including the Welcome Party, World Tavern Poker National Championships, the Main-Themed Party, the WLPC Main Event and Inter-League Event, and so much more!



--  Dealer add-ons are optional additions to your starting chip stack. Dealers usually make much more money dealing cash tables as opposed to tournament tables. Offering an add-on helps them out and gives you more chips to play with. It's a win win!

-- All tournaments are subject to Nevada Gaming Commission approval and can be changed at any time without prior notice.

-- Events in purple (World Tavern Poker) or gold (other leagues) are League-only tournaments and are open only to those who qualified from their respective leagues.

Tournaments with a Yellow Highlight will take place in the Poker Room

All other Tournaments will take place in the Ballroom



10:00am: Pick up your Access Passes

Already won or bought your Access Pass? Get them and National qualification cards, and get ready for an AWESOME event!


11:00am: Access Passes on Sale

Don't have your Access Pass? Buy one for our cash tournaments, and don't forget the Moonshiner's Upgrade!


12:00pm: Early Strikers Tournament ($65)

Get warmed up for the WLPC in this opening event!


2:00pm: WTP National TOC Semifinals ($20)

The final 2 WTP players at each table advance to the Finals on Sunday.


4:00pm: Speed Poker Tournament ($65)

Act quickly: you only get 5 seconds to make a move in this event!


7:00pm: Deep Stack Players Championship ($100)

Start with more chips for a better chance to win big!



10:00am: WTP National TOC FINALS ($25)

The Top 8 players earn major tournament packages, with the winner taking home a $10,000 Main Event seat!


12:00pm: Global Grinders Tournament ($100)

3 hours of cash-game-style action! (more info)


3:00pm: Bounty Tournament ($85)

Earn a $25 Casino Chip for every player you eliminate in this event.


7:00pm: International Tag Team Survivor! ($75 each)

Grab a partner and switch places throughout the night - always one of the most popular tournaments of the WLPC! (more info)

11:00pm: Global Grinders Tournament ($100)

3 hours of cash-game-style action! (more info)


Click each button for more information on WLPC events.



10:00am: WTP National Champ Semifinals ($20)

The final 2 WTP players at each table advance to the Finals on Wednesday.

10:00am: Snowman League Championship ($65)

This event is for qualified Snowman Poker League players only.


10:00am: Redtooth Poker Tournament ($65)

Open to Redtooth Poker league members only.


10:00am: Missouri Legends Championship ($65)

This event is for qualified Missouri Poker Legends players only.

10:00am: Fireballzz Tournament ($65)

This event is for Fireballzz (Canada) league members only.

10:00am: All In Poker League Championship ($65)

This event is for qualified All In Poker League players only.


1:00pm: Bounty Tournament ($85)

Earn a $25 Casino Chip for every player you eliminate in this event.

2:00pm: WLPC Inter-League Championship ($20)

24 players will represent their leagues in the ultimate showdown!


4:00pm: Global Grinders Tournament ($100)

3 hours of cash-game-style action! (more info)

7:00pm: Sin City Survivor Tournament #1 ($65)

Make the money in this sinful event and earn an equal payout!



The biggest party of the year! Dinner, cash bar, costume contest, and awesome entertainment. This will be a CAN'T-MISS event!


11:00pm: All In or Fold Tournament ($20)

You have 2 options in this event: you're either All In, or you fold!


10:00am: WLPC Main Event Championship ($125)

The Main Event for League poker players! Who will earn the title of World Champion and walk away with a huge cash prize?

3:00pm: Bounty Tournament ($85)

Earn a $25 Casino Chip for every player you eliminate in this event.


6:00pm: Poker Gives Back Dream Team ($65 each)

Get 3 fellow league poker players (4 total) from any league or country and compete for individual and team cash prizes. Plus, we're once again partnering with "Poker Gives" to offer an additional $10 add-on with all proceeds going to this worthy charity.  (more info)


10:00pm: Global Grinders Tournament ($100)

3 hours of cash-game-style action! (more info)



10:00am: WTP National Champ FINALS ($25)

This is what WTP players have been playing for all season long, with the winner walking out the new WTP National Champion along with some AWESOME prizes!


2:00pm: Sin City Survivor Tournament #2 ($50)

Make the money in this sinful event and earn an equal payout!


6:00pm: Last Chance Tournament ($50)

The last event of the 2021 WLPC - make the most of it!

The Leagues

 Only the TOP POKER LEAGUES across the world make up the World League Poker Championships. If you are a top league interested in joining, send us an email by clicking the link below.


If you are a player, contact your league owner and tell them about the WLPC. We want to grow this event each and every year! Read on about the awesome leagues who have already joined. They will be sending their players to compete for the ultimate prize: becoming a World League Poker Champion! 

Redtooth Poker players at the WLPC
League poker players at the WLPC
Redtooth Poker

Redtooth Poker is the United Kingdom's #1 Poker League with games available to its players at over 1,000 pubs & taverns. You can't walk down the street in the UK without seeing a bar playing this exciting brand of Texas Hold'em.



Fireballzz Poker Club is a top poker community in Canada. Fireballzz hosts live Texas Hold'Em tournaments throughout Ontario, offering its players great prizes during Championship events.


Missouri Legends Poker League

Missouri Legends Poker is the #1 Poker League in Missouri, offering dozens of venues to enjoy free and fun No Limit Texas Hold'em. Players compete for packages to major events and awards bracelets to its league Champions.


Snowman Poker League

Snowman Poker League is the #1 Poker League in Texas. The SPL offers free & legal poker along with chances to win big prizes. They also are unique for their employment of pro dealers at their games!



All-In Poker League is the #1 Poker League in California offering the chance to win points towards great Championship events while playing free poker. The AIPL welcomes beginners, casual players, & experts alike!


World Tavern Poker

World Tavern Poker, America's #1 Poker League, offers free poker games at hundreds of bars across the US. WTP awards over $100,000 in prizes every year at their OPEN events twice a year.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Don't forget that Daylight Savings Time ends during the WLPC!


The WLPC runs from Saturday, November 6th thru Wednesday, November 10th. Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 7th at 2am Vegas time. That means when the clock strikes 2am, it will actually be 1am. Make sure you factor this into your plans!


Is the World League Poker Championships a single event or a tournament series?


BOTH! The WLPC is a tournament series spanning five days with over a dozen cash events and awesome parties throughout. The World League Poker Championships is also a tournament, where players from participating leagues all around the world compete for the big 1st place cash prize and the title of World Champion.


When will Registration be open?


Registration will be open starting at 10am on Saturday. Registration will open between 9am and 10am each day thereafter, and run to around 4-5pm.


Will I need a Players Card to play in tournaments at The Orleans?


Yes, and you can get your 'B-Connected' Players Card after going through Registration. You will be directed where to go to get your card. 


Does purchasing an Access Pass include my buy-ins for the cash tournaments?


No it does not. Purchasing an Access Pass gives you access to the cash tournaments during the series. Tournament buy-ins are separate and must be paid by the player to enter a tournament.


What is the Moonshiner's Upgrade?


The Mooonshiner's Upgrade for $20 allows you to enjoy free drinks while playing in a WLPC event in the Ballroom at The Orleans. It is only valid with an Access Pass, however (it is NOT a standalone item).


Can I purchase the Moonshiner's Upgrade before the event? During the event?


Yes to both! It's best to buy it while available online, but you will be able to purchase a Moonshiner's Upgrade on-site at WLPC Registration as well.


Why are there resort fees?


Resort fees have become commonplace at almost every property of note. We've been able to hold them off in the past, but unfortunately, these fees will be charged moving forward for regular room booking. However, it's still worthwhile to stay on site! Our special rates are hard to beat, and you simply can't beat the convenience (saves money, time, and energy) of staying on-site. Plus, resort fees at The Orleans include room Wi-Fi, access to a Fitness Center, in-room coffee, and more.


Will there be tickets to the Main Themed Party for sale during the WLPC?


Possibly! Main Party tickets may be available for sale on site (price TBA) depending on availability (we expect a HUGE  crowd this year!). But we highly recommend purchasing a Party & Poker Access Pass to get the full WLPC experience.

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