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All In or Fold Tournament Results

Taking place Monday, 11/7 at 11pm PT, you had two options in this event at the 2022 World League Poker Championships - go all in, or fold!

With 154 players competing in this always fun event, it was California's CHRIS NUNES emerging with the victory after a nine-way chop. Excellent job Chris and to everyone earning nice paydays!

Here are the full results:

1. Chris Nunes

2. Cathy Swartzrager

3. Mary Pohlit

4. Anthony Adams, Sr.

5. Tim Lowe

6. Stephanie Enzminger

7. Steven Keatts

8. Albina Atabaeva

9. Brenda Lewis

10. Jennifer Galloway

11. Shannon Mathews

12. Jennifer Rozenkowski

13. Jeff Chandler

14. Shanda Stepping

15. Andrea Hernandez

16. Michael Johnson

17. Michelle Taylor

18. Brandy Villalta

19. Donald Wittmeyer

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