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Bad Beat Booty Bounty Tournament Results

Taking place Saturday, 11/5 at 7pm PT, this NEW event had players earning AWESOME bounties (and other fun items) at the 2022 WLPC!

What an event! After all of the dust settled and the bounties were earned, it was KURT SCHIMMEL from Missouri who bested the field of 216 players to earn the victory after having the chip lead once a seven-way chop was settled. Way to go Kurt!

Here are the full results:

1. Kurt Schimmel

2. Ryan Krauss

3. Daniel Spain

4. Deborah Kutch

5. Andrew Milto

6. Gary Hutchison

7. Bill Brox

8. Thomas Eckhart

9. Mike Cassa

10. Brian Krywko

11. Jonathan Scarborough

12. Ron Fahner

13. Ann Martin

14. Steve Wannall

15. Gary Lester

16. Bob White

17. Catherine Powell

18. Nicholas Brewer

19. Jeffrey Chandler

20. Sue Beaudrow

21. Donna Davis

22. Billy Montesclaros

23. Vicki Halsted

24. Natasha Vasilev

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