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Bounty Tournament #1 Results

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Taking place Sunday, 11/6 at 3pm PT, players earned $25 for each elimination in this event at the 2022 World League Poker Championships!

For the second time already this WLPC, it was ANDREW ECKHARD from Missouri who emerged victorious, besting a field of 150 players to earn a nice payday. Well done Andrew!

Check out the full results here:

1. Andrew Eckhard

2. Jeff Chandler

3. Jim Cullen

4. Steven Ivans

5. Don Frohwein

6. William Cataldi

7. Matthew Gallant

8. Alex Gomez

9. Mike Arnold

10. Steven Dorsey

11. Keith Haas

12. James Harrison

13. Tina Kearney

14. Kevin Scott

15. Ed Mosquera

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