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Bounty Tournament #2 Results

Taking place Monday, 11/7 at 1pm PT, players earned $25 for each elimination in this event at the 2022 World League Poker Championships!

After nearly 8 hours of play, it was ANNA OWENS who emerged victorious, besting a field of 150 players to earn a nice payday. Well done Anna!

Check out the full results here:

1. Anna Owens

2. Patrick McGavisk

3. Michelle Sells

4. George Lopez

5. John Turpin

6. Timmy Allard

7. Daniel Spain

8. Jeannette Bloedorn

9. John Digiorgio

10. Ann Martin

11. Sebastian Magallanes

12. James Worrell

13. Edward Mosquera

14. Mark Delbert

15. Joe McCray

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