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Early Strikers Tournament Results

Taking place Saturday, 11/5 at 12pm PT, players got an early crack at a nice payday in the FIRST event at the 2022 World League Poker Championships!

132 players. 18 places paid. The first tournament at the 2022 World League Poker Championships is in the books and it's ANDREW ECKHART from Missouri who earned the victory and a nice payday in the process. Way to go Andrew!

Check out the full results below:

1. Andrew Eckhart

2. Ross Kubeny

3. Johnny Calabro

4. Charles Richards

5. Donald Coleman

6. Doris Davis

7. Thomas Spano

8. Scott Harris

9. Ed Mosquera

10. Lawrence Sekuterski

11. Chris Hebert

12. James Sheil

13. Patrick McGavisk

14. Jeremy Adler

15. Jim Rad

16. Tom Eckhard

17. Chris Jensen

18. Chris Dudley

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