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Last Chance Tournament Results

Taking place Wednesday, 11/9 at 6pm PT, this was literally the last chance to make a cash at the 2022 World League Poker Championships!

126 players. 15 places paid. The last tournament at the 2022 World League Poker Championships is in the books and it's GEORGE LOPEZ from Connecticut who earned the victory. Great job George!

Check out the full results below:

1. George Lopez

2. Deirdre Castillo

3. Bill Brox

4. Faye Houston

5. Sebastian Magallanes

6. Jeri Turpin

7. Tim Morrison

8. Tony Vela

9. Tom Spano

10. Brad Rhines

11. Mark Anderson

12. Jacqualine Pennington

13. Janet Hildebrand

14. Don Hildebrand

15. Jeannette Bloedorn

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