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Poker Gives Dream Team Event Results

Taking place Tuesday, 11/8 at 6pm PT, the 4-person event also raises funds for a great cause at the 2022 World League Poker Championships!

Competing in a field of 170 players with 4-player teams also vying for a slice of the prize pool, it was JUSTIN LEE who emerged victorious in the individual category.

Team-wise, it was Team Blanco with Robert White, Richard White, Billy Halstead, and Vicki Halstead earning the team award. Great job everyone!

Check out the full results here:

1. Justin Lee

2. Thomas Allard

3. David Saline

4. Jimmy Avery

5. Edward Galvez

6. Bill Halstead

7. Robert White

8. Don Coleman

9. Anthony Antonelli

10. Nancy Blackall

11. Barry Lewis

12. Charles Richards

13. Nancy Gonzalez

14. Michael Gallegos

15. Rosemary Wong

16. Trish Sutton

17. Don Frohwein

18. Kenny Carr

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