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Sin City Survivor Tournament #2 Results

Taking place Wednesday, 11/9 at 2pm PT, who 'survived' to make it to the money at the 2022 World League Poker Championships?

After a relatively quick event with 135 players, it was Virginia's MARK LOVERN who emerged with the win after play reached the money having been the chip leader. Way to go Mark!

Check out the full results here:

1. Mark Lovern

2. James Sepeda

3. Eric Pawlikowski

4. Russell Rink

5. Wayne Litwin

6. Hazel Lewis

7. Melody Sells

8. Chris Miles

9. James Harrison

10. Trish Sutton

11. Christy Anderson

12. John Copenhagen

13. Sarah Schultz

14. Joy Hamryszak

15. George Albaugh

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