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Tag Team Survivor Tournament Results

Taking place Sunday, 11/6 at 7pm PT, this always hilarious team game was one to remember at the 2022 World League Poker Championships!

What a night! The Tag Team Survivor Tournament did not disappoint with a near-record 156 teams (312 players!) competing in a hilarious event where players switched with their teammate at different points in the tournament.

After it was all said and done, it was TEAM HUMAYUN - Nur Humayan and partner from Virginia - who emerged with the chip lead and the victory!

Here are the full team results:

1. Team Humayun

x. Team Beverly

x. Team Pohlit

x. Team Seeger

x. Team Galvez

x. Team Sutton

x. Team Tamsett

x. Team Bloedorn

x. Team Paulos

x. Team Lewis

x. Team Serody

x. Team Wong

x. Team Garlicki

x. Team Arnold

x. Team Atabaeva

x. Team O'Donnell

x. Team Baron

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