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From July 4th thru September 11th, win one of 10 Prize Packages to the World League Poker Championships in Las Vegas!

WLPC Staking Series

10 Weeks. 10 Packages. Earn your way to the World League Poker Championships!


The WLPC is a true World Championship for league poker players, and Amber Gaming wants to send you to Las Vegas to compete in this awesome event.


Win one of 10 Prize Packages in the mobile-friendly WLPC Staking Series! Each package contains $125 in cash to use as you see fit at the World League Poker Championships, along with a Full Access Pass which enables you to buy into any of our cash events during the week-long WLPC.

Plus, finish in the Top 10 in a weekly WLPC Staking Series ranking and you'll also receive an exclusive WLPC Online Medallion! Only 100 of these will be made!

Read on for all the details, and good luck!

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How It Works

UPDATED! Every day for 10 weeks, there will be single table tournaments available in the WLPC Staking Series.

Mon thru Fri: 12pm, 6pm, and 11pm (all times are EDT)

NEW! Saturday & Sunday: 9am (EDT)

Registration will be open for the following times: 

(M-F): 12pm to 12:30pm, 6pm to 6:15pm, and 11pm to 11:30pm

NEW! (S-S): 9am to 12pm

These single-table games will auto-generate during the registration period. Register to play and when 9 seats are filled, a game will begin and another game will generate. Once a registration period ends, no more tables will be generated. A game must have 9 players in order to begin.


All players start a WLPC Staking Series game with 1,500 chips. Blind levels will begin at 15/30 and increase every 6 minutes (full blind schedule below). Games typically will last around an hour or less, and all 9 players at a table will earn points.


Play continues until one person has all the chips at their table. Don't forget to enjoy the action using your desktop, laptop, or your mobile friendly device! (phone, tablet, Android, Mac, etc.)

Your best three scores combined during the week will comprise your WLPC Staking Series ranking. Each week's ranking is unique - meaning everyone starts over on the following Monday. The Top 10 ranked players each week will receive the WLPC Online Medallion, and the top ranked player every week wins a $200 Prize Package from Amber Gaming!

Each Sit & Go will cost 500 Entry Chips. All players who register on the Amber Gaming site will be credited with 1,500 entry chips to start with, which will be enough to play the minimum games needed for a ranking that week (more on that here).


You can replenish your entry chip balance (1,500 entry chips) at the beginning of each week - however, you can purchase entry chips on the Amber Gaming site if you wish to play more. The more you play, the better your ranking will be!

The WLPC Staking Series will run for 10 individual weeks from July 4th through September 11th. Points earned in these Sit & Go's count only for the WLPC Staking Series.

Points & Rankings

Each player in a WLPC Staking Series game earns points. The better your finish, the more points you earn!

1st Place: 10,000 pts

2nd Place: 8,349 pts

3rd Place: 6,874 pts

4th Place: 5,411 pts

5th Place: 4,233 pts

6th Place: 3,197 pts

7th Place: 2,252 pts

8th Place: 1,488 pts

9th Place: 775 pts

Your WLPC Staking Series ranking is a cumulative total of your best 3 scores that week. Meaning if you placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in 3 games, your point total would be 25,223 pts.

Remember, each week is a unique ranking. So if you don't do well in one week, you get a fresh start next week! Find out where you rank by clicking the Leaderboards tab in the WLPC Staking Series section.

So let's say you play 10 games in a week, and your best 3 scores are all 1st place finishes. Your point total would be 30,000 pts, which assures you of at least a tie if there are others also have 3 wins in a week. Read on for details on the Tiebreaking Procedure.

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If two or more players are tied for #1 in a WLPC Staking Series ranking at the end of the week, all tied players will compete in a winner take all tournament to be played on Tuesday at 9pm EDT the following week (same in-game structure as a regular WLPC Staking Series game).


All tied players will be automatically registered - simply sign into the Amber Gaming site that Tuesday at 8:50pm EDT, click "TOURNAMENTS" at the top of the page, and click the LOBBY button next to the Tuesday game. On the next window, click PLAY NOW, and you'll be taken to your game.

This is the WLPC Medallion. Earn yours and don't forget to show it off at your local league game!

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The Prizes

Each week, the top ranked player in the WLPC Staking Series earns a $200 Prize Package from Amber Gaming!


-- $125 cash to use at the World League Poker Championships in Las Vegas.


-- Full Access Pass that gives you the ability to buy into any of the many cash tournaments that take place during the week-long event, as well as attend all the awesome parties that week!

As well, all players in the Top 10 of each week's WLPC Staking Series ranking will receive a WLPC Online Medallion to show off at your local league games. Details for all Top 10 weekly finishers on how to claim your Medallion will be provided. Plus, you'll receive a special avatar to use at the tables in the WLPC Staking Series.

That's 10 chances to win a package to the WLPC and your limited-edition WLPC Online Medallion!

Create An Account

NOTE: If you already participate in the WTP Online Leagues, you do NOT need to create a new Amber Gaming account! The following steps are for NEW PLAYERS to the Amber Gaming site.


STEP 1:  CLICK THIS LINK or type the following:


STEP 2:  A prompt will appear on the site. Click 'Create an Account' and fill out the required info.

WTP PLAYERS: Please make sure your Online screen name matches your WTP username!


STEP 3:  After completing the form, you are logged into the poker site. If not, just log in with your new information. That's it!

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Register For Games

Monday thru Friday, you can register for WLPC Staking Series games from 12pm to 12:30pm, 6pm to 6:15pm, and 11pm to 11:30pm (all times EDT). Saturday and Sunday, you can register for games from 9am to 12pm (EDT)Registration is closed during any other time period.


-- Go to and sign in using your LOGIN EMAIL and password.

-- In the main lobby, click WLPC STAKING SERIES from the menu bar.

-- Once registration opens, click REGISTER (only click it once!) next to a WLPC Staking Series table.

-- After a WLPC Staking Series game has 9 players, the game will launch, and another game will begin registration.


-- You can join and play in as many Sit & Go's as you wish! Also note that multi-table play is best suited for a laptop or desktop.

-- There is NO LATE REGISTRATION. If you miss the registration window, please wait until the next posted time.

-- If you register and the game begins, but do not take your seat or play a hand, you will automatically be removed from the game after two blind levels (12 minutes).

Adding Entry Chips

Every player can receive 1,500 entry chips each week to play the needed 3 games to earn a WLPC Staking Series ranking. Just click REFILL in the Cashier section of the main lobby on the Online gaming site, and you'll be credited with 1,500 entry chips at no cost.

You can only add the 1,500 free chips once per week. If you wish to play more games and improve your ranking, you can purchase additional chips in the Amber Gaming Cashier section.


You can purchase entry chips for one extra game, for 5 additional games, or enough for all WLPC Staking Series games that week. Go to the Cashier and click BUY CHIPS for all the details.

Please note: If you are adding free chips each week, but are only doing so to accumulate them (meaning you are not participating in the WLPC Staking Series or using them elsewhere on the site), your chip balance may be subject to a reset.

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Rules & Gameplay

Everyone participating in the WLPC Staking Series is expected to treat other players with respect. Anyone found to be berating other players in chat, or is being a general nuisance, will be given a warning to stop (via email). If it persists, they will be subject to removal from all of our Online events.

Anyone found to be colluding or creating multiple accounts in order to improve their ranking will be dismissed from our Online events.

Players start each WLPC Staking Series Sit & Go with 1,500 chips. Blind levels are 6 minutes long and follow this structure:

15/30, 30/60, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400, 300/600, 400/800, 500/1000, 1000/2000, 2000/4000

New Note: If you register for a Staking Series game but do not play a hand in the first 12 minutes (2 blind levels), you are removed from the game. You will not receive any points (you are marked as DNF), the game will not count towards your 3 game ranking, and you can request a refund of your 500 Entry Chips by contacting Amber Gaming.

During play in a Staking Series game, if you sit out or are inactive for 15 consecutive hands, you are automatically removed from the game - however, you will receive points if and when you are eliminated.

Don't forget to check out the weekly WLPC Staking Series rankings by clicking the LEADERBOARD tab or link.

You can play in multiple games at once on this site. We recommend using a laptop or desktop if you are multi-tabling. Each new game opens in a new browser tab. For best results, click and hold your browser tab, then drag and resize the tab to the desired location for each game.

"Prop bets" for chips can be made among the players at your table, but not with other players in different Sit & Go's. The available prop bets have no bearing on the game and are for entertainment purposes only.


I'm a World Tavern Poker player and I play in the WTP Online leagues. Do I need to create a new account for the WLPC Staking Series?

No! Just sign in using your normal Amber Gaming LOGIN EMAIL and password, then click Sit & Go's to join a WLPC Online Series game.

Do I have to sign up on the WTP website?

No! However, if you are not a WTP player, we encourage you to create a WTP account so that you can join our separate WTP Online Players league. It's a lot of fun!

Can I play on my iPhone, tablet, or Android?

Yes! The WLPC Staking Series is 100% mobile and tablet friendly.

Why are games running at such odd times?

With the WLPC Staking Series being mobile friendly, we wanted to offer Sit & Go's at different times during the day. Now, all you have to do is log in, register at the game time, and play. Plus, we didn't want to interfere with normal game times at our member league venues.

I played my 3 games but want to play more WLPC Staking Series games this week. What can I do?

You can visit the Cashier section in the main lobby and purchase more entry chips. You can get chips for one more game, 5 additional games, or enough to play every Sit & Go this week.

How are my points calculated again?

Your best three scores in a week are combined to give you your point total, which is ranked against everyone else playing in the WLPC Staking Series. You must play at least 3 games to earn a ranking, but can play in all 15 every week. The more you play, the better your odds!


Can you give me more examples?


Absolutely! Say you play 3 games and finish 9th in all three. Your point total would be 2,325 (775 + 775 + 775). If you played 6 games and your best three scores were a 1st, 1st, and 2nd, your point total would be 28,349 (10k + 10k + 8,349).

Do I have to buy Entry Chips to play?

No! You will have enough free Entry Chips to earn a ranking every week. However, the more you play, the more you increase your odds at a higher ranking.

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Week 1 Results

PACKAGE WINNER: Jesse Lawrence (jesse56)

Other Top 10 finishers (each won a WLPC Online Medallion)

 #2: Cathy Lawrence (catlaw)

 #3: Richard Silverman (richatvns)

 #4: Ed Dellinger (eedeacon)

 #5: Ginger Lynch (glbrneyz)

 #6: Richard Shealer (Richard Shealer)

 #7: Steve Vogel (Ssvogel00)

 #8: Ethan Knaub (AsianAssassin)

 #9: Rick Meneilly (Instigator75)

#10: Adib Abdullah (F69CUT)

Week 2 Results

PACKAGE WINNER: Jesse Lawrence (jesse56)

Other Top 10 finishers (each won a WLPC Online Medallion)

 #2: Brian Kelly (bkelly72)

 #3: Chun He (wtpwv2016)

 #4: Paul Polo (paulpolo76)

 #5: Traci McCaskill (Sissytras)

 #6: Dennis Backhaus (jcarter123)

 #7: Jeff Ngo (hjengo)

 #8: Ed Dellinger (eedeacon)

 #9: Charles Moore (Poker4Life2016)

#10: Charles Joseph (Donkey123)

Week 4 Results

PACKAGE WINNER: Ethan Knaub (AsianAssassin)

Other Top 10 finishers (each won a WLPC Online Medallion)

 #2: Chris Byas (Chris0215)

 #3: Ed Dellinger (eedeacon)

 #4: Breck Schwartz (PocketDux)

 #5: Adib Abdullah (F69CUT)

 #6: Dave George (thunder1890)

 #7: Marcus Jones (WCPLFireman)

 #8: Michael O'Brien(mobrien846)

 #9: Lance Loconti (bullseye7074)

#10: Richard Armato (RoyalFlushed)

Week 3 Results

PACKAGE WINNER: Dennis Backhaus (jcarter123)

Other Top 10 finishers (each won a WLPC Online Medallion)

 #2: Marcus Jones (WCPLFireman)

 #3: Jesse Lawrence (jesse56)

 #4: Nick Mayhew (aceofspades711)

 #5: Corey Staples (CNS112711)

 #6: Jean Cathcart (Jacy)

 #7: Deby Jedrey (liloutlaw)

 #8: Chad Borjeson (Philo-Beddoe)

 #9: Cathy Lawrence (catlaw)

#10: Dan Johnston (dirtydan56)

Week 5 Results

PACKAGE WINNER: Marcus Jones (WCPLFireman)

Other Top 10 finishers (each won a WLPC Online Medallion)

 #2: Jesse Lawrence (jesse56)

 #3: Ken Hanna (k68hanna)

 #4: Jane Robey (blufher)

 #5: Mike O'Brien (mobrien846)

 #6: Cathy Lawrence (catlaw)

 #7: Deby Jedrey (liloutlaw)

 #8: Rodney Sams (Rod Sams)

 #9: Shelon Henneman (shelon64)

#10: Max Kowalewski (madmax1327)

Week 6 Results

PACKAGE WINNER: Player Name (screenname)

Other Top 10 finishers (each won a WLPC Online Medallion)

 #2: Player Name (screen name)

 #3: Player Name (screen name)

 #4: Player Name (screen name)

 #5: Player Name (screen name)

 #6: Player Name (screen name)

 #7: Player Name (screen name)

 #8: Player Name (screen name)

 #9: Player Name (screen name)

#10: Player Name (screen name)

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